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What is Virtuxplorer?

What is Virtuxplorer?

Virtuxplorer offers an intelligent cloud solution (SaaS – Software as a Service)  and advisory services for a corporate drone fleet program. It is part of Echez Group, a company that operates in 46 countries, has advised more than 600,000 companies, and has more than 10 years of successful operations worldwide.

Our value proposition is based on 4 pillars:

Cloud-based software platform for governing, standardizing, scaling up, automating, and streamlining control and operations of drone fleets.
Significantly reduce the complexity and implicit risk associated with disparate processes and inexperienced human intervention.
Launch and manage manual or automated missions at scale via the internet from anywhere in the world, with piloting assistance through the software.
Real-time encrypted chain of custody on all information collected during missions sent directly to the cloud. All data generated during flight is safeguarded and stored centrally in the cloud (includes telemetry, videos, images). Offline flights are also supported.

How does the Virtuxplorer software platform work?

Connecting drones to the software platform works like this:

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To start, you must have a control module or download an application depending on your drone type; both have instructions on how to connect to the platform.


Enter the platform at, register your company, and user/s.


Configure the operational rules: Drones, zones, missions, and other required flight parameters.

And that´s it……Sit back and start your flight!

Once your flight is over, Virtuxplorer will provide you with a record of the missions performed and the information captured (videos, photos, data) in real time and in the cloud.

Virtuxplorer Interoperating and governing flight missions of your corporate drone program

All you need is a keyboard, mouse or joystick and basic training on the platform controls.

Industries and Sectors

Customized drone solutions for the demands of your business.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Loading and Storage
  • Tourism
  • Solar Energy
  • Public Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil Industry
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Insurance and Banking



Drone fleet management and control

Drones registered in the platform / Administrator users created in the platform / Pilot users created in the platform (an Administrator user includes a license as a Pilot user) / Gigabytes of storage available in the platform / Amount of connectivity data available per drone

Construction of custom drones

Custom Equipment Design / Specialized Devices (IoT) Installation / Encrypted Cloud Connectivity

Drone maintenance and support

Periodic review and preventive control (depending on the equipment). / Use of maintenance materials according to the equipment schedule. / Replacement of parts still under warranty. / Specialized service guaranteed. / Attention to concerns about the correct operation of the drones via email.

Consulting services

Needs Assessment / Zone and Mission Design / Training and Certification / Value-added Services


Use Cases

Virtuxplorer enables users from, trained or not, to control and pilot unmanned aerial devices remotely.

  • Delivery
  • Drone Rental
    (DaaS – Drone as a Service)
  • Emergency
  • Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry, Viticulture
  • Media
  • Environmental monitoring and conservation
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Smart Cities
  • Public Safety

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