Virtuxplorer is advanced technology for making productive crops

Drones equipped with specialized devices for precision agriculture will allow you to measure crop productivity, drought susceptibility, land characterization, biomass assessment, and many other services that drones are currently enabling which are enhanced by Virtuxplorer.




The success of the work is defined by the attention to detail and Virtuxplorer will do this for you

Among its many functions, it can make verifications in real-time of a construction zone, the advances of a building, topography, raised surface planes, relief of land, and more from anywhere in the world.

Loading and Storage

With Virtuxplorer you simplify the work and increase  productivity

You will be able to monitor cargo containers in sea and land ports in real-time, without the need for ladders or forklifts.



Imagine a place. Imagine a dream

You can portray the destination you want from the comfort of your home or hotel. Your travel agency can boost your business by inspiring travelers to live new experiences.

Solar Energy

Virtuxplorer is a technology-smart solution that helps businesses and people act with less impact on the environment

It offers great advantages for solar panel inspection of terraces and operators of massive solar farms. Also, you will be able to see temperature anomalies in a clear thermal image.


Public Safety

State-of-the-art technology works for the benefit of the community

This technology is highly effective in search and rescue operations, inspection and monitoring of vulnerable populations in geologically unstable terrain, and risk reduction of professional staff. It enables officials to assist or participate in the decision-making process of law enforcement situations without being physically on-site while remotely monitoring via the cloud.



The big structures of today require the big solutions of tomorrow like Virtuxplorer

Today’s big cities require a special periodic inspection to guarantee the safety of the populations in each area.

Oil Industry

Securing the planet’s main energy source requires specialization in controlled high technology

With VirtuXplorer, oil platforms will not stop working during inspections. Reduce the costs involved in shutting down a plant. You can also use it to collect data sets that can help optimize the overall inspection and maintenance process for predicting accidents and failures.



Shipping and Logistics

Accelerated growth of secure delivery fits Virtuxplorer’s logistics model

The need for accelerated movement of goods from one point to another has become a security standard worldwide. With Virtuxplorer, you can make safer deliveries with 24/7 surveillance, without human personnel.

Insurance and Banking

Virtuxplorer offers a complete and highly secure technological environment for companies

Banking and insurance operations must have protection, vigilance, and inspection during all processes that are carried out. Virtuxplorer allows you to monitor and report in real-time.