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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you connect to other UAVs?

    Yes, the service applies not only to drones, but to any unmanned device with supported controllers.

    What would be the elementary kit to start using the platform?

    • Internet connection
    • VMX 1-2
    • Registration
    • Dron
    • Platform Configuration
    • Roles
    • Familiarization with the platform

    What faults can the platform service present?

    • Internet crashes (in which case it can go offline)
    • Climatic conditions that do not allow an optimal flight
    • Lack of maintenance of the drone (discharged batteries, etc.)
    • Non-ideal conditions to perform a flight (change in regulation, type of equipment allowed, restricted areas, etc.)

    How are drones maintained?

    The drone must have a user’s manual, however, it is recommended  the user seek specialized personnel for advice and consultancy of this service.

    Should there be someone in the field while I'm handling it remotely?

    In most parts of the world, government regulations require that a person be in the mission area to react to an unforeseen event and to have manual control of the operation. However, more and more governments are approving autonomous flights without online display control. Virtuxplorer is an ideal platform for this type of project and makes it easy to obtain approval given the ability to remotely control and pilot drones beyond the line of sight.

    How many flights can I perform per role?

    The administrator role can perform as many flights as you want as long as you do not exceed the legal  limit.

    Do I have to be trained to use the platform?

    No, although you should receive basic instructions for use to optimize the platform.