Virtuxplorer is the technological solution with drones that fights COVID-19

Virtuxplorer, through the integration of the different professional uses of drones, has designed a crash plan as a mitigation mechanism of COVID-19 propagation risks.

To this end, four essential solutions were implemented in the development of the crisis:


Drone Sanitation

Drones can be used to spray disinfectant products on frequently used routes, in storage areas, and in public areas in cities.


COVID-19 Symptom Detection

The drones are capable of detecting symptoms of coronavirus in people in areas of high recurrence. It allows the measurement of body temperature and heart rate/ respiratory, through sensors and computer vision systems making a filter and identification of possible cases of COVID-19 for subsequent isolation chain.


Public Communication

To broadcast important messages, drones are equipped with an amplifier that transforms your aircraft into a flying loudspeaker; allowing law enforcement agencies, rescue teams, and first responders the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the public.


Zone Surveillance and Control

Drones are effective tools for Public Safety! With our smart solution, Law enforcement agencies can detect and avoid situations that can be a risk for people.

Virtuxplorer is the best ally for safeguarding citizens and protecting the community.



With this service you are guaranteed  delivery of orders, even to remote areas. This is especially true for areas where road travel is difficult or limited.

Drone Rental
(DaaS – Drone as a Service)


It will reduce the risks and costs associated with the use of business drones by providing turnkey drone solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds. An agency with drone devices can use our platform to lease their equipment and provide sophisticated first-hand software to control these devices and account for flight time for check-in purposes.



The use of drones for emergency response services, particularly when it comes to medical needs, presents new opportunities for life-saving measures. The use of drones to deliver medical supplies to victims could improve the ability of doctors to more effectively handle  life-saving situations.

Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry, Viticulture


In rural areas we provide support in the different economic sectors guaranteeing that each of the processes involved ensures the success of the operation:

  • Inventory and records
  • Detection and treatment of pests and diseases
  • Flood and fire detection and monitoring
  • Chemical and biological control (irrigation, pesticides, treatments…)
  • Operations and precision management



Previously, aerial shots were only available to large corporations that could afford a news helicopter. Now, local journalists and small-scale media can easily capture aerial images for news coverage around the world.

Environmental monitoring and conservation


Drones are used to control ecological environments. UAVs are discreet and can monitor animal populations without disturbing them. This type of monitoring also provides data on the health of plant and animal populations, and the technology offers a unique ability to identify species in hard-to-reach places.

Architecture and Engineering


Virtuxplorer recognizes the current needs of urbanization and the constructive growth of a city. It also provides solutions that ensure processes and procedures avoiding delays or accidents, including:

  • Analysis, planning, and design of the site
  • Construction Management
  • Cartography (archaeology, resources, topography…)
  • Environmental design (architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban design)
  • Marketing

Smart Cities


We have solutions that transform current practices that contribute to the assets of a smart city by supporting its sustainability, economy, safety, and security of residents and governments. For example:

  • Parcel delivery, intelligent transportation, crowd management, traffic control, air ambulance drones, pollution control, real estate surveillance, insurance, infrastructure inspections, and security, police, fire, and rescue operations, among others.

Public Safety


The use of drones for emergency response services, such as delivering medical supplies to victims, improve the capacity of doctors to deal with complex situations. Virtuxplorer supports first responders and their affiliates in emergency and surveillance operations, such as responding to natural disasters and other crises:

  • Training and evaluation
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Criminal surveillance and tracking
  • Coordination of police response